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The Luxe on Main outdoor space with butterfly mural

House Rules

We would like to make you familiar with a few of the most important house rules at The Luxe on Main.  These are in place to ensure that your stay with us will be as comfortable as possible. Please take a minute to read each of the rules carefully to avoid possible injury or deductions from your security deposit. 


Checking In and Out

Check-In: 2:00 pm


Check-Out: 11:00 am



Suite a

Please enter the home from the REAR sliding door. There is a Smart LockBox that houses the key on the left side of the door.


Suite b

Please enter the home from the FRONT sliding door. There is a Smart LockBox that houses the key on the right side of the door.


Access to the lockbox is via a passcode, which you will receive prior to arrival.


Should you need an earlier check in or later check out, just ask, we will accommodate you, if we can. 

Bay St Louis vacation rental with pets


  • Pets are Mostly Not Allowed but Exceptions May Be Made.  Please ask us prior to booking.

  • Should an exception be made a pet deposit will be required.

  • Guest will be responsible for the actions of their pet and cleaning up after it.

  • Pets are not be allowed on the furniture.      

Friends Eating Dinner at The Luxe on Main vacation rental

During Your Stay

  • NO SMOKING – No smoking on the property.

  • AGE – Minimum age of 21 years old to book. Photo ID required and must match the individuals name that is booking.

  • NO PETS - Mostly Not Allowed but Exceptions May Be Made.

  • GUESTS – 12 Guests Maximum with Units A & B.

  • STAY - 2-3+ Night Minimum Stay

  • QUIET TIME – Please enjoy the outdoor space but no loud noises or music between the hours, 11 PM – 8 AM.

  • CHILDREN – Please be mindful that this home is NOT childproof. Parents and Guest(s) will ALWAYS supervise their children at ALL times, both indoors and outdoors.

  • PARKING – Please be mindful of your parking. There is ample off- street parking. Please park in the allotted area for your suite to ensure other guests are not blocked from entering or exiting the driveway. (Please refer to Parking Diagram below)

  • BBQ GRILL - Please remember to clean the BBQ after each use.

  • WASHER & DRYER – Please make sure not to overload them.

  • HALLWAY CLOSETS – These closets are locked. Please do not attempt to open them.

416 Main St
Suites a & b Off-Street Parking

parking diagram for The Luxe on Main vacation rental
416 Main St check out policies

Check Out

  • FURNITURE – Return all moved furniture.

  • BEDS - Leave all used beds unmade.

  • TOWELS - Leave used towels on the bathroom floor.

  • FOOD - Discard food items from refrigerator.

  • DISHES -Place all dishes in dishwasher and start wash.

  • TRASH - Place trash in outside garbage can and place garbage at the end of the driveway along the street for collection.

  • LIGHTS - Turn off lights and appliances.

  • WINDOWS/DOORS - Close all windows and doors.

  • CHECK FOR ITEMS - Check drawers for personal items, including chargers.

  • NOTIFICATION - Notify us of your departure.

  • RETURN KEY – Ensure all doors are locked and return key to Smart LockBox.

  • LOST ITEM - In case you misplace a personal belonging, please contact us so that we keep an eye open for it.


Failure to follow any of these house rules is a breach of the terms and conditions of your reservation. If anything in our House Rules is unclear, please contact us. We reserve the right to evict any guest or visitor who fails to adhere to our House Rules.

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